How to develop an escape plan

We’ve previously highlighted the importance of knowing your exits, now we’re going to teach you how to design and teach an effective escape plan for your employees. Fires can spread fast, meaning for your customers and employees, every minute counts READ MORE.....

Bradford City Stadium Fire

Known as the worst fire in the history of English football, the Bradford City stadium fire devastated many lives and has been burned into the memories of footballl fans forever. The stadium, noted for its antiquated design READ MORE.....

Different Classes Of Fire & Relevant Extinguishers

There are many types of fire and various extinguishers to combat them. Using the correct fire extinguisher is imperative as the wrong extinguisher can intensify the flames and even cause explosions READ MORE.....

Protect Your Kitchen With A Fire Blanket

Small, cheap, effective. Fire blankets are ideal for dealing with smaller flames. Often made with synthetic fabrics, fire blankets are extremely resistant to heat and flames READ MORE......

Fire Extinguisher Tips & Tricks

When you come face to face with fire, you need to know how to fight. Fire extinguishers are the perfect tool for combatting small blazes. Every business READ MORE......

 How to lead people to safety during an emergncy

In times of trouble, your customers and employees can become very anxious, panicked and scared. These three emotions can cloud judgement and delay the path to safety READ MORE.....

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