Fire Risk Assessments

fire his assessment Fire Risk Assessment and Consultation

UK Fire regulation dictates that if your business has 5 or more people you must keep a written record of a fire risk assessment.

Our professional risk assessors will ensure that your business premises falls well within the UK legal requirements and that your employees and assets are protected.

Landlords and property owners are required by law to carry out a fire risk assessment as well as any business wherein members of the public may visit the premises.

For more information regarding the law around fire risk assessments, including responsibilities, enforcement and penalties, please visit:

When considering fire safety, an extensive risk assessment by a professional should be your first port of call. At Dragon Fire Prevention, we can tailor our assessment to your individual needs and provide the advice and products to get your business up to scratch.

Our expert assessment team can help you identify people and equipment at risk. We can train you and your staff on necessary evacuation procedures, fire hazards, and how to deal with an emergency situation.

A regular fire risk assessment may identify any problems early on and enable you to implement a solution before it is too late. For more information on our fire risk assessments call us on 0333 3444 722.